The Kingdom of Avoy

Avoy is one of the larger realms along the Met River. It is bordered by The Barony and the Avoy River on the east. By the Met River in the north east corner. By The Duchies and the Red Duke River along the north and north east. By Skarag’s Shadown all along the south. And by a mountain range leading to Orcish Tribal Lands to the west.

The climate is temperate but with regional variations. The Met River area is the most fertile and populous part of the kingdom, with plenty of farms. The north west is given over to more hilly terrain, with occasional blocks of forest, it has formed a tactician’s playground for Avoy’s many wars with the Duchies.

The land in southern Avoy rises into hilly steppe. This area is less populous, what people there are live by herding livestock or potato farming.
An image from southern Avoy,

As the land reaches Skarag’s Shadow it becomes quite high altitude cold highlands, unpopulated, with only some shepherds taking their flocks in for summer grazing.
An image from the highlands along the southern border,


Avoy is a constitutional monarchy. King Able rules with the aid of a parliament and his ministers.


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