A region to the south of Skarag’s Shadow. The name is used to both describe a large region and a small nation within it. The western half of Korelund is a large, infernally hot desert. The eastern half of Korelund is a large area that has been magically cursed by the Ice Queen and plunged into permanent arctic winter. Between the two, in a narrow strip that runs north and south, is the small nation of Korelund. The nation occupies a livable, temperate zone between the two extremes. But it is windswept and prone to sudden sandstorms and blizzards. Or sometimes sandstorms with blizzards.

The hospitable zone meanders a little east and west, varying with altitude in a variety of micro-climes. Moving north and south in the nation is rather difficult, as the borders of the nation follow the temperate zone, not more practical concerns like rivers, valleys, and such. So the settlements of Korelund tend to be very self-sufficient and rarely visited. All manner of odd little communities might be found there, like hidden ninja clans, wizards seeking isolation for forbidden pursuits, leper colonies, and such.

The one place that is often visited or at least widely known is the port at the southern tip of the hospitable zone, Kellian Harbor. Pirates, outlaws, exiles, and other riff-raff have made it their home, taking advantage of the weak governance of Korelund. They often sail out to plunder the shipping routes that go around the southern end of the continent.

h3. Quotes from Korelund:

“We don’t take kindly to strangers in these parts.”
“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”


Not centralized, each settlement or set of settlements in an area having their own, Like kleptocracy in Kellian Harbor, lead by various pirate captains

(Created based on an idea from its namesake Korey.)


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