Making a party theme

If you guys want to come up with a party theme that fits the overall nature of the campaign, I can tailor the backstory and plot to your party’s theme. Some things are hard to delve deep into unless the whole party is into it. Like if you are all dwarves, I can go hog-wild and flesh out Dwarven history, politics, your clans, geology, underground adventure sites, and such. Or if you are all stealthy, then you know Sir Clanks-Alot won’t totally ruin your plans.

The party theme could be constraining a little or a lot. Some ideas about different kinds of themes:

Everyone is a ________ (Dwarf, Spellcaster, …)

Your patron is a ________ (Merchant company, Wizarding School, Refugee community, …)

Everyone can ________ (Sneak, juggle, ….)

Everyone got together to explicitly _______ (Redeem your clan name, recover a holy relic, …)

If a theme is a little hard to pull off with every character class, we can nudge the rules a little. Like Stealth isn’t a class skill for every class, but we can make up or modify some Backgrounds to solve that. As long as there is a good story reason, we can make it work.

Making a party theme

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