By far the largest city on the continent, Metropolis lies at the mouth of the Met River, a major artery of the north. The Met River forms one of the borders of the Tsarist Empire and sees massive volumes of commerce, which finds its way to Metropolis. The city also a major intercontinental port, with many visitors from all races and regions. The city-state is independent and controls a small amount of territory around it. It is usually groaning under the weight of its own population and focused on trade, so it isn’t expansionistic. Its neighbors generally leave it alone, because you do not mess with a city that can muster an army a million strong when it is agitated.

Quotes from Metropolis

“Hot off the presses, get the Daily Planet here!”
“Oye! Can’t you see I’m walk’n ’ere?”


Technically a merchant republic, many people would be surprised to learn the city was not total chaos or under mob rule.

(If you are from urban slums or have never seen a deer in the wild, odds are you are from Metropolis.)


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