Orcish Tribal Lands

Orchish Tribal Lands

The “Orchish Tribal Lands” are a large swath of land east of Avoy and The Duchies, above the north west part of Skarag’s Shadow. The orcs who live there don’t actually call it that, but most good civilized folks do. The orc tribes that live there are always forming confederations, appointing khans, and then breaking down so often that only the rangers that sneak into their lands to keep tabs on them bother to learn the names of their political leaders and states.

Their lands are mostly dry, upland plateaus. While a few tribes farm some, most are semi-nomadic herders.

The orcs of these lands tend to be wild. They field berserkers, light cavalry on heavy horses, and enjoy raiding in force.

This is different from the orcish nations of the Underdark. Those tend to have rigid military hierarchies, wear thick heavy armor, excel at siege-craft, and only invade to conquer.


“Untie me, pink-skin, so I can rip out your throat.”



(Not all ‘settled’ lands are civilized or even hospitable to the ‘good’ races.)

Orcish Tribal Lands

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