Rose City

Rose City

Rose City is the seat of the largest and most powerful church of the Lawful Good God. The Rose Church is a very old denomination, composed of many orders that generally take their names from flowers. Like the White Rose Order of Holy Knights.

The Rose Pope leads the Church from this small city on a peninsula on the north east coast of the continent. The city and church have remained independent from the Tsarist Empire. Indeed it is the Rose Pope who crowns the Tsar.

The Rose Church has been a major force on the continent even going back to the era of the Palladium Empire. But since the War of the Roses, they are not primarily feared for their armies and crusades. Now they are known for employing spies and assassins. Many a sacrilegious despot or heretical demagogue have been assassinated, the only clue left behind a rose.


“We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins. Nothing is true everything is permitted.”


Theocracy, headed by Rose Pope Delphine

(Assassins can be Good, even if their movies get poor reviews. Why fight a messy holy war, when a single death can bring Order and Peace.)

Rose City

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