The Deadlands

The Deadlands

The Deadlands are a large area in the middle of the north of the continent. They lie to the north of the Duchies.

The Deadlands are called that because they are overrun by the undead. Originally the area was a cold, but well populated province of The Tsarist Empire east of the river Met. But they rebelled from the Empire. To suppress the revolt without wasting valuable soldiers the Tsar sent in the necromancer Archmage Yorrik Alas. He awoke the sleeping dead into a large shambling army. When his army suffered a defeat he just replenished it from the dead of his enemies. In this way, he punished the rebels until they begged for mercy.

But he gave no mercy. In fact, the undead armies he and his necromancers created grew so great that he declared himself Death Master of the Deadlands and declared independence from the Empire. The foolish Tsar just outlawed necromancy and mustered an large conscript army to face him. The Tsar just managed to give the Death Master more necromancer recruits and more corpses.

In a short time, undead armies were pouring into all neighboring lands causing great destruction. Eventually many heroes and strong armies fought the necromancers and their undead, defeating them. The Death Master was killed. But aimless, masterless undead in great numbers still roamed the Deadlands. Even now, over 150 years later civilized folk have not yet reclaimed the area.





The Deadlands

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