The Tsarist Empire

Tsarist Empire

Occupying the entire north-east of the continent, the Tsarist Empire claims to be the true heir of the ancient Palladium Empire. The Tsar nominally oversees a society dominated by obscenely wealthy aristocrats who are in turn supported by teaming masses of serfs and slaves. With over a thousand high ranking Counts, Viscounts, Barons, and Princes to contend with, the weak and insanely bureaucratic central government rarely gets anything done, even basic things like maintaining roads, levying taxes, or issuing passports. It is a land of extremes, with some of the most destitute poor and the most opulent palaces. In some places, the powers that be don’t even bother killing monsters, declaring them ‘hunting parks’ when any who kill monsters, except for nobles on pleasure hunts, are subject to the penalty of death for ‘poaching’

Quotes from the Tsarist Empire

“Papers please”
“Are you at all related to the Jodl’s of Hornburg?”
“I have more titles than you have stiches in all your clothes, let me thru!”


Bureaucratic Monarch, ruled by Tsar Albus Adolfo Adolfus the Third

(Inspired by Russian and the Byzantine Empire. A place where people with funny grandiose names and titles come from.)

The Tsarist Empire

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