March 1 1017 - Rendell Gazette

March 1, 1017 – The Rendell Gazette – Evening Edition

War in the West

News has arrived from the Republics that the Peace of Ariadne has indeed been broken. Viking raiders from Ragnarok have stuck five more ports up and down the west coast. “Clearly this is not the work of a solitary rogue clan,” President Helena Sharpe declared, “we consider this the complete breakdown of the Peace. All ships from Ragnarok shall be considered hostile raiders. We must be vigilant and defend our coasts.”

The Peace of Ariadne had held for over two decades, with the clans of Ragnarok abandoning their raiding for trade. But with the recent death of King Mybok, many Jarls declared that the vows of peace died with him. The costal Republics have been hurriedly preparing for raiders, but it seems the number and ferocity of the warriors in their longships has surprised them.

Springtide Festival Update

The weather Seer is predicting clear skies the evening of the 3rd for the Springtide Feast. The Festival Committee has announced that both the Main Square and Market Square will be fully filled with tables to handle the large crowds expected. “With clear skies, we might reach record attendance this year,” Committee Chair Martin Peabody stated.

Even before the weather divination, lodging in town was becoming scare. Inns are reporting that every room is booked thru the next three days. Only common room accommodations are available, and those are expected to fill up by the 3rd. The Guild Association is setting up tents outside King’s Gate as overflow lodgings.

Crime and Justice

Thieves Caught!

Wall Street by the East Gate was the scene of a dramatic chase this morning. Two thieves struck the Adventurer’s Guild, making off with rare magical potions. A group of explorers, who happened to be nearby, gave chase thru the streets and across the rooftops.

“There are many brave sorts looking to try their luck in the Shadow,” Guild Quartermaster Semper said, “but not all are honest enough to pay for their gear. Adventuring gear can be quite specialized and expensive. We tend to attract such sorts.” The two thieves, humans likely from the Barony, managed to pilfer some potions and were leaving the scene when the Quartermaster noticed and signaled for the Guard.

The thieves ran and might have escaped if not for the efforts of an adventuring party that was nearby. Among their number was a Birdfolk, a noble race with the wings of an angel rarely seen in Avoy. He was seen flying over Smith’s Alley in hot pursuit, to the amazement of the Dwarven workers below.

Also in the party of good Samaritans was a Wood Elf named Nix, the self-same maiden from the well-known folk tale Nix and the River Spirit. Our reporter herself witnessed the enchanted mark Nix gave the Guildmaster as a memento, confirming her identity. The recent opening of the Shadow, has certainly brought many exotic and legendary figures to sleepy little Rendell!

The adventures chased the thieves back to their hideout among in Market Flats district. One thief was killed and three gravely wounded. The town Guard arrived, taking them into custody. The thieves are in detention awaiting trial. Guard Captain Daniels reports that their hideout was filled with items from several robberies, and so “we should expect the trail to be straightforward and brief.”


For hire – drovers,carters,&herders. Get you there in 1 piece! Fair set prices. Wagons&pack anmls avail. Inq. @ Guild Hall, Highland Gate

For hire – experienced cook seeks employment. Have cooked for shepherds and sires, western and eastern styles. See Gordon at East Gate Tavern.

Volunteers Needed for Springtide Festival – servers, medics, entertainers, and guardsmen all in high demand. See Festival HQ tent in front of Town Hall.

For Sale – Flashbang your Troll Problems Away! Nindoot’s Patented Alchemist’s Infernos are proven Troll Slayers. Don’t get Caught Without!

March 1 1017 - Rendell Gazette

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