Feb 1 1017 - Rendell Gazette

February 1, 1017 – The Rendell Gazette

Skarag’s Shadow – The New Frontier?

With the Royal investigation into the Slaying of Skarag recently completed in the affirmative, many parties appear to be interested in exploring Skarag’s Shadow. With the threat of certain fiery doom lifted from a vast expanse of lands, what treasures lie ready to be found and who will find them?

Quartermaster Semper of Adventurer’s Guild reports that there has been an uptick in the number of adventurers in town. “Rendell is the last town before the Shadow,” he says “so it is the natural place to outfit an expedition and kick off from.” He expects current interest is only a taste of what is to come. “It is a huge area, that we’ll be exploring for the next decade at least.”

What exactly lies within the region known as Skarag’s Shadow is difficult to know. While intrepid heroes have ventured in over the centuries, their accounts are anecdotal at best and may take considerable artistic license. Many in town claim to be selling maps and travel journals from previous explorations. But it is clear that many are frauds. This reporter purchased over a dozen such products to try to piece together something about Skarag’s Shadow. There were many contradictions, with the only thing that they agreed upon was that there were mountains and monsters in the region they described. There is no way to discern the frauds from the fragments of truth, so caveat emptor.

A representative of His Majesty’s Rangers, Captain Yule Bradley, has proposed that an official survey of Skarag’s Shadow be undertaken. “The Royal Rangers or some other respectable group, like a Royal college or chartered merchant company, should go in there and find out what danger’s lurk. If we don’t, we might just find out when it shows up at our town walls.” Some propose leaving such a dangerous task to treasure seeking adventurers, but Captain Bradley says “such an approach would take much longer and take the lives of many foolhardy warriors”.

Another source of information is the historical records that survived the fall of the Palladium. A scholar visiting from Metropolis, Dwayne Driscolio, is giving a series of lectures on the subject this week at the Wall Street Meeting Hall. “It is all in the archives. Dragon’s Mouth and its great chasm, Lake Auroch and its fertile banks, the great Acme Mons, the Doom Sphere where Black Knights spent their vigil. You just have to convert from the ancient units of stadia and marches to the modern mile.”

Such famous sites have been fixtures in song and story for centuries. “One must be wary of trusting the bards to much with the details that count,” warns Bellana, a huntress who often ventures deep into Skarag’s Shadow. “Many exotic beasts prowl those lands and it has seen the fall of an arcane empire and the ravages of time. I fear many who are setting out now, having been swept up by heady news of unprotected lands, will loose their way and perish.”

One group which should be a font of knowledge about Skarag’s Shadow and eager explorers is strangely quiet on the matter. The Dwarven Disapora community, descendants of those exiled from their mountain homes by Skarag, is often said to still hold a torch for their ancestral home. Clan head Argus Acmehold refused an interview for this article, only stating, “We live here now. Those mines were played out and hold nothing for us.” One might speculate that a gruff public face is hiding plans for a well-funded and manned expedition.

Only time will tell exactly what will be found and what discovers will win renown. Expect the Rendell Gazette to follow this new age of exploration closely.

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Trouble in the Royal Household?

Our reporter in Victorville reports that Prince Bravo, brother to our beloved King, has been relieved of command of the Northern Marches and left Victory Keep. He rode out without any ceremonial honors, with only his most loyal retainers in company. No announcement of a new appointment was forthcoming from the Palace.

This comes close on the heels of the stripping of landed titles the Prince suffered last year. While of course our wise King, who has ruled for 6 successful years now, need not worry about a succession crises, one might wonder if the Prince did not survive the Messina Scandal complete unscathed as was first thought.

Crime & Justice

One Ed Redmayne was this day convicted of Reckless Endangerment and Intent To Traffik in violation of the Verbotten Creatures Act. He was sentenced to branding and six months of work in the light houses.


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Feb 1 1017 - Rendell Gazette

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