Feb 25 1017 - Letter From Devon Darby MP

February 18, 1017

The Office of Devon Darby, MP
73 Griffon Court, Avoy City

Sigil Expedition
c/o Lady Eleanor Brambell
3 Lanolin Lane, Rendell

Dear Explorers,
I hope this letter reaches you before you have set off on your great expedition! I am busy at work petitioning for official backing for our exploration efforts or the allocation of funds to reward the mapping of the Shadow. The wheels of the Palace move slowly, so I have not yet been successful.

But I have this very morning met with Lord Rance, Vice-Minister of Defense, on the matter. He informs me that any such exploration done prior to an official act could be covered by such an official act if carried out by a well-respected and trustworthy outfit. You can have no doubt that I have assured him that the expedition of the Sigil Society is such an outfit.

The Vice-Minister and his adjutants also informed me that they are most eager to learn of; the existence and political structure of any organized humanoid threats, the easiest avenues of travel into the region of the Shadow near Avoy, the location of places suitable for defensive or forward patrol bases, and of the hostile fauna a military expedition would be expected to encounter. Information of this sort can be directly reported to the Vice-Minister or to his man Captain Yule Bradley of the Rangers in Rendell. Your first report is eagerly awaited!

I do not expect an official act of any sort to be passed for another month or two at the earliest. But the Palace is abuzz with excitement over the death of Skarag, so barring other distractions, I expect one to be forthcoming.

Best of Luck Brave Explorers!

(His signature is a Sigil Mark)
-Devon Darby, Member of Parliament

Feb 25 1017 - Letter From Devon Darby MP

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