Ragnarok is a large region along the north west corner of the continent. Some consider it to be north of The Republics, while others think it should be considered a northern extension of The Repubics. Indeed, many of the values cherished by The Republics have their roots in the independent, hardy, self-sufficient folk of Ragnarok.

The land is heavily forested, mountainous in areas, with many bays, sounds, and fjords. It is a cold land and sparsely populated. It is largely untamed, with every free man and woman (barely tamed themselves) being expected to be able to fight to protect themselves.


“Plenty of worse ways to die than to drown.”
“I’ll see you in Valhalla.”


There are many Jarls (also spelled Yarls) in Ragnarok. Local bosses, they are elected by their fellow folk, but their position can be challenged by combat. Some of the most powerful leaders are called Kings or Queens, but getting any Jarls to follow them requires cajoling.

(Vikings is a great TV show. A good place for Barbarians, Druids, and fighting Bards to come from.)


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