The Barony

The Barony

The Barony is a medium sized realm east of Avoy. It’s northern border is the River Met and the Tsarist Empire. To the east is Metropolis and Lorida. It is above the north east portion of Skarag’s Shadow, but there is an inhospitable swamp and large riverine system along that stretch of border.

The Barony is not lawless per se. But the nobles in the Barony are not a nice bunch. As often as not the bandits you are waylaid by on the highway are actually working for a local noble. In fact, the officer you go report the crime to might be one of the masked people who robbed you.

The Barony and Avoy have long had a rivalry and have fought several wars. But the Avoy River remains the main boundary between them.


“You were robbed you say? Right on the highway in broad daylight you say? We’ll get right on that.”
“This won’t hurt a bit.”


Feudal, with much power held by local lords.

(A starting point for the Lawful Evil party theme, which didn’t survive the first round. If you are from Avoy and you meet someone from the Barony, it is OK to assume they are evil bandits, that would totally be in character.)

The Barony

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