The Duchies

The Duchies

“The Duchies” is a term used to refer to a number of tiny to medium sized realms that lie to the north west and north of Avoy. Each of these is ruled by a Duke or Duchess. They are each independent sovereign states, and ready to fight to stay that way. The Duchies field some of the best armies in the world, with loyal troops, honor bound knights, battle hardened generals, and expensive arms and armor. These small realms have fought many wars, fighting off much bigger nations like Avoy and The Tsarist Empire. They often regularly fight each other as well. They have gotten very good at waging war, indeed their societies are geared around it.

But they are not completely violent savages. Their warriors generally follow a code and obey rules of war; sparing civilians and children, not destroying crops, and honoring surrenders. Many of their rulers have been Paladins over the years, and the realms predominantly worship the Good gods.

“The Duchies” rarely band together, except to fight of incursions of orcs from the east. But because of their similarities they are often referred to together.


“I will see you on the battlefield.”
“Well met, good sir”


Each Duchy is ruled by a Duke/Duchess, with their successor being chosen from their blood relations by an assembly of nobles, generals, and priests upon their death.

(Knights, Plate Armor, Chivalry, Paladins, Quests, and Honor. Those live here.)

The Duchies

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